Today (August 17, 2011), I was roaming downtown and came across a protest.  It was about 50+ students with signs saying schools over prisons.  It was their attempt to encourage the city to spend less money on the jails and more money on Philadelphia school district.  Unfortunately, I doubt they received any media attention. Not a station was there.

I was very proud considering that young Philadelphians have a bad reputation thanks to flash mobbing.   So I watched the protest from across the street for about 5 minutes with an overwhelming feeling of hope;  until it got crushed by two jerks walking by.  

  They just got out of school, book bags on, Abercrombie jeans on lock yelling “Shut up fags”.   Are you serious???  That comment was unwarranted and unjustified.  At that moment, I hoped that a gay man just came across the street and smacked the living taste out of them. Then I thought to myself, maybe it’s best for them to hate the protest because pretty soon, they’re going to be the ones in jail who need the money. And it will be them who are somebody’s “fag”.  If only karma worked that way……

Today, I received this email.  Apparently, in order to promote a new pair of Levis Jeans, the Levis company and Urban Outfitters has paired up to form a pop-up bike shop where they will fix your bike for free!!!!!

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According to, http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/entertainment/2011/07/25/actress-kamala-lopez-defends-womens-rights/

“What many people don’t know is that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution contains the term ‘male,’ which could leave women’s rights at the level of interpretation. For that reason the E.R.A. project puts the American woman, her achievements and her earnings over the last century on a solid, irremovable foundation that will be proof against the winds of political changes,” she said.

According to,  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43830382/ns/health/

This is why we need to support planned parenthood:

“Those who believe the million or more abortions each year in the U.S. are immoral seem willing to go to any length to restrict, discourage or hinder them — even, in some cases, if it means risking a woman’s health or violating core values of health care.”

According to this article,


“TUESDAY, July 19 (HealthDay News) — Women in the United States could have their birth control covered by insurance companies, free of co-pays, if provisions of a new report are enacted as part of last year’s landmark health-reform law.

Lord knows the way people are getting down these days, we need it!


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