AUGUST 11,2011

     Men’s accessories can be tricky. Often times, I say the trick is to remain simple. Always opt for one piece.  Too many pieces can give off the wrong message (i.e, I’m flashy or I’m tacky or I’m flamboyant).  Timeless pieces always work, but chances are, they don’t usually speak colors about your personality.  For the perfect Summer into Fall transition pieces, I decided to feature items that are basic in color, but those little details make every piece special. As usual let me know what you think. 🙂



iCufflinks by Ada Fruit $128 Designed to look like the Apple Power button, these cufflinks are DOPE. They are even powered by a watch battery to light up and pulsate up to 24hrs 



Vintage Leather Crestbelt for Consortiums New York $38 I’m not exactly into the preppy look, but this Vintage belt is both polished and retro. You can’t beat that combination.



These 4 in 1 bowties by Edward Amarah are genius. They are a bit pricey but considering how dynamic they are, I think they are worth it.


W Summer Safari Shades for Italian Sunglasses are sexy. I also like the tortoise imitation print because you can wear it in the Summer and the Fall.



Alex Folzi Breifcase $75 Alex Folsi’s briefcases are amazing. They are vibrant enough to make a bold statement for a day when you want to wear something basic.



GraceHats for on SALE for $38 I was kinda over fedora hats because I didn’t feel like there was much of a variety, but this pork-pie-cut shape hat is charming. It’s like a fedora/top hat mix.



FLUD redwood watch $85 I heart men with wood (NO PUN INTENDED).  FLUD’s redwood watch is classic and timeless but uncommon. Exactly what I was going for.



Angel WingedBracelet Babylon Cartel Recently released Babylon Cartel Angel Winged bracelet is a perfect alternative to a watch.   Often times bracelets can seem flamboyant or too informal. The arrangement of this bracelet is very sophisticated. S/o to all the local designers



Speak Brooch Mr.Washington $15- $20 If you live in Philly, there is no doubt you have probably seen these before.  Despite popular belief, these brooches do not belong to some “gang” of people.  In fact they actually have an amazing message behind them, and that makes all the difference. Ironically, Speak is a brooch that snickers at consumerism and the hype of mainstream products and trends. 


Vintage Nike Air Snapback for JUNK MANIA  Lastly, another trend that I am quickly becoming over-saturated is snapbacks. I can’t say I completely hate them, I’m just gonna say that some of them look cheap and tacky.  I’m more of an original type of girl and therefore I prefer an original kind of snap back. I’m going to argue that is the best place to buy, trade, and sell vintage snapbacks.


Well as usual, let me know what you think. I am not a man, but I’d like to think I can dress one  🙂


Men & Jewelry can be tricky!   (August 10, 2011) Often times, I say the trick is to remain simple. Always opt for one piece.  Too many pieces can give off the wrong message (i.e, I’m flashy or I’m tacky or I’m flamboyant).  Timeless pieces always work, but chances are, they don’t usually speak colors about your personality. Babylon Cartel just released an amazing men’s bracelet that says I’m sophisticated, cultured and stylish.


I am truly inspired.  The next block couture will be Men’s Accessories, watch out next week.

Block Couture Summer/Fall Transition Trend #1


  For all those familiar with Block Couture, you should be pleased to know that the hiatus is over. I’m going to be doing a trend report once a week for the Summer/Fall 2011 transitional Season.

      Transition #1 is Varsity and Oxfords.  Now I know when I think of varsity, I usually think of 2001 because that’s the year when Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Rocawear, etc was in and we were all POLO jackets crazy!  As much as I dread those days, the designers of today strive to make them more up to date. I have gone the extra mile to make them more modern by pairing them w/ fun flirty oxfords. With Varsity Jackets leaning more towards the masculine cut, it’s good to add some feminine qualities with the shoes.  I also like pairing Varsity jackets w/ lace dresses and lace skirts, but I’m gonna save that for the lookbook which should be ready by September. Hope you like my vision.

Til next Time,      xoxo Philly

                               Criminal Varsity Jacket      

Alex & Rose clear/hotpink oxfords

Drop Dead “Kitty Brainz” Front


Drop Dead “Kitty Brainz” Back  


BagsAndBabes leg warmers

Miss Fortune Varsity Cardi    sexy Jeffery Campbells

Luxurie by LRG


LRG closer view

  kingston tan oxfords for TopShop

Joyrich Varsity Jacket

  ASOS Monroe oxford

Drop Dead Numskull Varsity Jacket 

 DropDead Numskull Varsity Jcket Back irregular choice pom pom oxford

Rumors Vintage Multi-color Varsity Inspired Jacket at 

ground-zero X alex & rose brogues

Nise Bird Varsity Jacket  F-Troupe Anml Print oxfords

BAPE varsity Skirt for Fall 2011  ASOS candy dipped oxfords

ASOS varsity Dress

  Rag&Bone Fall 2011 Varsity Inspired Leg Warmers

Until, I can get ahold of my Block Couture photos, I am just gonna post a most stylish girl of the week via picture form until I can really go on.

Week 3 of July:

BEYONCE! I absolutely love this cover (DAZED & CONFUSED magazine), although I continue to remain bored with her. 

Block Couture Volume 3 Preparing for spring

                     ( March 22, 2011)

Hello, fellow readers. Once again a sista has been having a hard time with the weekly; however, I hope this week’s BLOCK COUTURE subfamily will cheer you up. The weather has been beautiful lately and I’m praying this will continue.

     Although, some days are warm enough for shorts, most of our days have been 50 degrees, and that for me is “legging weather”. 

    As with my other posts, I have tried to capture what the “trend” will be this year for leggings, and quite frankly, I can’t seem to put a stamp on it.  All of them are just over the top.  WARNING: Please only wear these babies with basic tops, or else you may be at risk for TACKYnidous….

Til’ next time, Thanks for checking me out

This is the more simplistic of the bunch, but the statement is just as loud. These limited edition QooQoo cream bear leggings are adorable. Hmmm…. Kanye West anyone??? Find these at!

High-waisted and Orange Fringe and Leopard print are sure to get you noticed. Very “my little pony” meets Sheila E. Despite the many jokes I can crack on these babies, it doesn’t change the fact that these Henrik Visbskov leggings are awesome!

I heart London grunge; so 90’s of me… I usually hate jeggings, because they make your butt look great despite the fact that the material is usually CHEAP… however; these are stylish and the flimsy material adds to the grunge effect! …And the model is wearing these REDOPIN leggings with converses…. Woman after my own heart! Visit to purchase. I believe they’re on sale now too ☺

Oh eBay, why can’t you keep items on for more than a small allotted time ☹, so that items like these can be put on forever?! I don’t know who angryyangel is, but her Japanese style is superior to many of the copies I have witnessed thus far. These leggings make me happy but if she wants to be called angryyangel, I’m all for it!

Thanks to Lady Gaga, futuristic cuts are in these days. Zozatron is more space age attire! Super bright with lots of functionality. These kneepads are to scream for. @ zozatron for

I always love to congratulate firsts, and so Betsey Johnson here is your cheer. These leggings are funky!!!!…. And you are the first to come out with this style, this year! Three pluses; 1. They’re flare at the bottom, 2. They’re legging on the top and sheer at the bottom 3. The print just puts them over the top. Idk how I plan to dress when I’m an older women, but Betsey, you’re the baddest old chick I

I was hesitant about these at first, but they quickly grew on me. Not trying to run the risk of looking like I found these at Barefeet, I put this in my tuckaway pile. But after a close look at the detail, these are winners. Junya Wantanbe leggings are the essence of Afro-centric, West-Indian flavor. Ironically you can find these at

I have to thank Ebonee for these. Shout out to my ST crew. These are amazing. Unfortunately, due to a pact I have with some members, I may not disclose the whereabouts of these leggings until a later date. But I want you to be in awe of these super sexy leggings, and they’re latex and they’re hot pink, and they have suspenders. SIIIIIIIIIIIICK! *update 4/1/2011: They’re black milk

Two texture leggings are not new, but I like stripes and brights, so they’ve made the cut. Blim has lots of random cool finds on his Etsy shop, but since the subfamily for this week is leggings, I’ll let you go see for yourself.

Last but far from least, I have to king this man the King of legging couture extraordinaire. LOL… Google him please!!!!! Ostwald Helgason!!!!! These babies are unmatched, and every year they get better. The details are endless. My birthday is coming up. Somebody buy me a pair! ☺

Once again, sorry for the delay, until next time! As always Thanks for viewing!

Block couture volume 2 preparing for spring/summer

March 3, 2011

The weather lately has been amazing, and amazing weather for me means SHOPPING!!!!  So last week was SUNGLASSES, I was missing the sun, but I decided to continue on with accessories and I couldn’t help but feast m eyes on these wonderful RINGS.

   Not always a trendsetter, but as a trend predictor,  I feel that this year, we’re moving away from animal inspired rings to culturally inspiring rings. No matter what culture you belong to and however many you belong to, there are specific rings that mesh with your identity. So here are the top 10 +,  because singling anything down to ten for me is just too hard!

Japanese inspired “Sushi” ring by Jewelist’s shop on This ring is made of resin and perfectly handcrafted for maximum texture.

What’s better than a two finger ring?… Two two-finger rings. A set of rings perfect for both hands. We’ve seen Keri Hilson’s ON/OFF ring combo about two years ago, but THIS/THAT ring by junkprints is a lot more fun and even more retro.

Usually I’m against bedazzlement of all sorts, it often super pop-candy and super corny, but this is bejewlery with a dark-side, and that’s just awesome! Every queen deserves a Crown Jewel at

Wow, Talk about going green. STEAMPUNK jewelry by Steam design is green genius. Made from old watches, these rings have a unique vintage flair, and best of all, it reminds us that in mother nature’s world, we are just dysfunctional cogs in a machine. ☺

We’ve all seen skull rings, but this one is fossil-inspired. It’s creepy & cool by SHANKA design at

We’ve known brass knuckles to ruin teeth, but this time the roles are reversed. Momma said knock you out???? I don’t know, but this RED FRECKLES ring is gangstar!!!!

Peace Images Jewelry always seems to warm my heart, and my heart must be in Africa because this ring is gorgeous. Most of her jewelry is made out of brass, so it should never turn and best of all, a portion of her proceeds go to a good cause.

Celestial rings are always in, and my aunt’s jewelry line LyraLovestar has a vast array of such things; however, until these are to be released, RhaRha has captured the royal flair of celestial pieces with this ring found also found on

Originality always starts with something custom-made, and what better way to confess the development of your “spring-fling” than with this tree-bark signage interpretation in this ring. Choose any initials you want from the House of Dedijer custom jewelry line.

Black Barbie dressed in Carnations? Another go green hit!!!! Whether you’re team Nicki or team Lil’Kim, black barbies rule!!!!! Nouveau Vieux jewelry is creative and well crafted.

Although by now, I am past ten rings, this choice was inspired by my friend Shaina. You’ve gotta see her tatts. Noten Apparel’s Skulls in bows are dainty and edgy at the same time. Goes great with a set of pearls or a leather jacket.

Ahnk’s are always a representation of femininity and the power that it holds. As a feminist myself, this gynormous piece is as big as my ego…. But anyway, you can be sure to find this ring by idyllic4u on

This last ring is just ironic. And for those of us who have fingers wrapped around our fingers, this CALOURETTE ring was made especially for you.

I’m not sure what’s gonna be in the top 10+ next week, but this time, I’ll try to be on time. Wish me luck!


The Unicorn

Humble beginnings for block couture (Spring/summer)

(February 21, 2011)   

As we all know, the Spring is soon arriving and considering how hype I am for the weather, I have decided to clear up my winter blues by exciting myself with Spring things to cheer me up. Who doesn’t like wishful thinking?
I decided to call this series Block Couture… It’s streetwear, yet uncommon. Something that only some people would find interesting, but not exactly your lush luxe version of runway. 
     So every week I will be posting a top ten of a particular spring clothing subfamily. This week is SUNGLASSES. Anyway, I am no fashion expert, but I predict that this spring/summer 2011, the top trend is TEXTURE, with a little Cateye on the side….  And for those of you shoppers who loooooooove vintage, I added a little flair of my own.

Feel Free to let me know what you think, and add some ideas as well.

Ok… now we’ve all seen leopard print glasses, but these spex are made with real cow hide fur, and that has made all the difference! You can find these Caviar France glasses at

side view

Now I told you that texture was gonna be in, and no one does texture like Thierry Lasry. Surprisingly, these are from the 2010 collection. They are my favorite, the 2011 collection are cool as well, but these colors are versatile.

These glasses are a throwback to all my 80’s babies. Colorful & Cateye; beautiful combination.

It’s something about clear frames and dark lenses that screams Classic to me, but the stringy floral print adds some intrigue as well. Great find at

side view

Cazal Sound of Space Vintage Glasses, aka Mr.Magoo on marijuana…lol… I absolutely love these! And most importantly, these vintage glasses are one of a few pair.

Every Spring, we think about nostalgic boat rides with lots of american colors and stripes, boat shoes, and short sleeve polos. These glasses remind me of that boat ride if it were on the Mississipi River. Cooler than a Carolina breeze. You can find the Illesteva Blue Glasses on

HIPSTER!!!!! Had to write that in all CAPS because these seem to be the only cats who love their bikes enough to wear them on their faces. I absolutely love these. They are very interesting to look at even if they aren’t practical enough to wear.

These readers are wonderful because they are practical and stylish. they say “I’m smart” on the front view, “yet I’m cool” on the side view. You thought you knew me, didn’t you, but you clearly don’t! Find these at

If anyone knows me, they know I like to mix up colors and prints. Contrast can be fun if it’s unexpected, and these give you contrast and they are fairly affordable.

These are some sexy frames. They are a smooth shape and a suave color. They say simplicity and sophistication. By Australian Brand, Ksubi. I came upon these glasses on, but you can purchase them on

Now I know I only said top 10, but why not make it 11, because these are just begging for my attention. Another hit! I can’t believe they have blue lenses. I’m excited

Now I’m hype to spend some money. I can’t wait til the Spring.

P.S…. There were lots of Lady Gaga’esque glasses to choose from, but I think they are so last year!

But then again, Maybe it’s just me!

Next week another top ten, I’m thinkin Jewelry 🙂


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